Roma Termini

Mötesrum med högt i tak (2,75 m) och dagsljus.
Inkluderat i lokalen är projektor med filmduk, wifi, whiteboard, blädderblock, audio.
Lokalen kan kombineras med fler lokaler genom flexibla väggar.

KVM BIO SKOL Ubord ÖAR (6p/bord) Styrelse BANKETT (8p/bord) CABARET (5p/bord) TAKHÖJD HÖRSLINGA INK. SCEN (bef)
48 30 24 20 18 20 24 15 2.75 m nej nej

Our meeting concepts with inspiration from the UN's global goals

Deal with Nature

The meeting with one foot in nature

The "Sheep" Deal

Priceworthy meetings for weekends and low-season

Statt Classic Meeting

The ordinary meeting with more than you can expect

The Dandelion Deal.

A conference that gives back!

The Green Deal

The green choice


  • There has been no smoking or fur in the rooms
  • Rooms have windows that open
  • Rooms are located on a separate floor or in a corridor where there are no fur animals
  • The rooms have not been painted in the last three months
  • The rooms have wooden floors
  • The pillows / duvets are made of synthetic material
  • The mattress is made of synthetic material
  • Bed linen and towels are washed with environmentally friendly detergent
  • Cleaning follows the cleaning concept for allergy rooms
  • Unscented bathroom products
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