sustainability for us at Statt

”Ingen Kan Göra Allt, Men Alla Kan Göra Något”


You travel to us in an environmentally friendly and easy way because Hässleholm is a hub that connects southern Sweden with five incoming lines. Once there, walk to the hotel, which is only 100 m away. It will not be easier and more climate-smart than that!
Thinking climate-smart, working in a way that affects the environment as little as possible, is important to us and we really want to take advantage of the fantastic lead we have gained thanks to our location. "Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something". We're doing something. And in every step we take, we develop the business with a focus on sustainability at all levels.

We have great commitment to an organization that the owner family Jakobsson themselves have founded. It's called Dandelion - Dandelion Children in South Africa. The organization was founded in 2015 after Jakobssons was in South Africa and with his own eyes saw and experienced the need for support among orphaned children in affected areas .. Dandelion is a fantastic project that lives with us daily through our godchild, Smangele. A job that really makes a difference. We offer groups staying more than one night The Dandelion Deal. This means refraining from stopping cleaning of hotel rooms and thereby donating SEK 10 per guest night to Dandelion.

Nedan kan du läsa mer om vårt hållbarhetsarbete. 

Dandelion Child, South Africa

The dandelion, or Dandelion in English, is a plant that is known to survive in extremely difficult conditions.

Like this, dandelion children in South Africa must be able to do the same. This is exactly what we want to contribute to and give the children the conditions for a better future.
That is why the project is called Dandelion - for dandelion children in South Africa.

The activity gives children without parents the opportunity for a good life through grants that go in full to food, health and adult support. Which gives children and their surroundings in vulnerable parts of South Africa the opportunity to create a better future and a relationship with another part of the world.

Dandelion is a fantastic project that lives with us daily through our own sponsor child at Statt, Smangele. A job that really makes a difference.

Säg hej till Smangele!

På Hotel Statt är vi stolta faddrar till en flicka som heter Smangele. Vi skriver brev med varandra, de som vill ger 10 kr av sin lön till henne varje månad och våra jul­klappar till familjen Jakobsson är alltid pengar som går till Smangele. Därutöver gör vi andra aktiviteter för att få ihop mer pengar.

Känner du också att du vill göra skillnad?
Som fadder betalar du
700 kr/ månad som gör
skillnad på riktigt.

  • Du ger ett föräldralöst barn möjlighet till ett bra liv.
  • Du får möjlighet att skapa en relation i en annan del av världen.
  • Du får träffa ditt fadderbarn och se hur projektet framskrider på plats.


VI - The forest
If you want to compensate for the climate, we offer cooperation with Vi-skogen. VI- Skogen is a Swedish aid organization that plants trees in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Four countries that are hard hit by deforestation and who for many years have lived with its devastating effects on both people and nature. Vi-skogen's vision is "A sustainable environment that enables women and men living in poverty to improve their lives". We chose VI - Skogen because it has many common denominators with our CSR project Dandelion. Click on the text for more information.  



A Green Key label shows guests that the facility makes a difference to the environment and is a leading international eco-label for facilities in the tourism industry. An eco-labeled facility with Green Key works actively to minimize environmental impact, for example through clear environmental measures such as reduced energy and water consumption, renewable electricity, source sorting and recycling, purchase of eco-labeled cleaning products and organic food. In addition, the facilities must work with social responsibility as well as communication and collaboration with guests and other stakeholders. Click on the text for more information.  



marine stewardship council

The blue eco-label shows that the fish is wild-caught, comes from a viable stock and has been fished with care for the marine environment. All seafood with the MSC label can be traced back to sustainable MSC-certified fishing.



Happy Economy is exactly what it sounds like. A company whose offer is about creating a happy economy, for people and companies. Regardless of whether it is about the development of sought-after products, committed employees, strong customer relationships, profitability or human sustainability. Happy people and companies create better results - on all levels. That's what Happy Economy is all about. At Hotel Statt and Room Republic, we agree 100% and for this reason chose them as partners.



Samhall's main task is to create developing jobs for people with disabilities. Real jobs created in customer assignments, on market terms in competition with others. Samhall's mission today is not about passively employing people who have difficulty finding work. Through active support and professional matching, we together create opportunities to perform important jobs. Together with Samhall, we focus on Hotel Statt and Room Republic on what you can, not on what you can NOT.


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